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DL380 G5 NC373i Multifunction NIC issue

Russell Greenwood
Occasional Visitor

DL380 G5 NC373i Multifunction NIC issue

I have recenetly installed one of these servers on my network and am currently configuring the system for use.

I am having a problem with interface #2 of the NIC.
The device is installed and configured OK, but no traffic will traverse the link.
Upon closer inspection, the 2 LED's on the NIC flash twice, long pause then flash twice again. this continues with or without a cable attached.

The server is to be used in a cluster environment, port #2 is used for the internal cluster communications so a crossover cable between the 2 servers is in use.

I have also set the port to 1000/Full rather that auto detect. The result was no different.
A link is found, but no traffic will cross the link.

I have downloaded the drivers and installed those with no change.

Any help would be appreciated.