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DL380G4 Ghost Boot Disk

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Gary Markert
Occasional Contributor

DL380G4 Ghost Boot Disk

Does anyone have any info. or docs. on how to create Ghost network boot disk for DL380G4 and DL360G2 servers? I've done PC (IDE) boot disks. I assume they'll be different (drivers).I assume the boot disk will have to include the SCSI stroage drivers and NDIS drivers for NC7782 NIC (along with correct parameters). I've been unable to find these drivers from HP (NDIS).

I would like to Ghost the hard drive from my old hardware to new...starting from scratch for 16 servers (this year)is not preferable. Is this do-able? Any words of wisdom?
Hense, Klaus
Valued Contributor

Re: DL380G4 Ghost Boot Disk

the driver is the b57 Broadcom driver.
a other way is to create a BART PE Boot CD.

a good link is:
for ghosting disk or partition to image over network you dos´n need the scsi or raid driver.


Re: DL380G4 Ghost Boot Disk

Bart's boot disk is your friend....!

However, be wary of Ghosting servers, especially if you want to use them as AD FSM/DC boxes.....

HP/Altiris Rapid Deploment Pack would poabably be better suited to Server imaging.

Hope this helps.

Gary Markert
Occasional Contributor

Re: DL380G4 Ghost Boot Disk

Thanks for the tip. The b57 Bcom driver worked well, and I was able to suck up and restore the image. However, the DL380G4 would not boot to OS successfully (Blue Screen Of Death flash by). Should I be able to image from DL360G2 to DL380G4? Any ideas on what's causing the BSOD? (i.e., G4 drivers, Ghosting parameters needed, or changes in the Bios)? Thanks again.
Honored Contributor

Re: DL380G4 Ghost Boot Disk


Check the following solution (update driver and registry on G2 for 6i controller in the G4) in advance of the ghost imaging.

I hope this helps.

Gary Markert
Occasional Contributor

Re: DL380G4 Ghost Boot Disk

Great tip Brian. We had the latest drivers, but that registry setting did the trick. It'll save us many many hours. Thank you!