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Disk array upgrade and position change

Daniel Tan_4
Occasional Contributor

Disk array upgrade and position change

Currently, I have MSA1000 with 10 x 72GB HDD.
Array A (RAID5) on bay 1-8,
Array B (RAID0) on bay 9-10.

I wish to upgrade Array A to 145GB on bay 1-12, and move the Array B from bay 9-10 to 13-14.

Is it possible to simply replace the hardisks and move the Array?

Your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Oleg Koroz
Honored Contributor

Re: Disk array upgrade and position change

In normal world easily can be done: Power down system, pull last Mirrored Array, Power up box, and accept lost Array, access to ACU delete failed array, save configuration. Restart ACU and add new drives expand/extend your array. When all done â power box down one more time add mirrored set, accept drive Position has been changed and all done. Once again ACU install Latest Driver and Firmware for Array controller latest.
Good Luck.