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Disk error code 33

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Disk error code 33

I've taken over a Proliant ML 150 with two 136 Gig Compaq drives mirrored. About once a day for the last year and a half, the Event Viewer logs a Error code 33 on HD 0. It says "Data was recovered using error correction code on device \Device \Harddisk 0. I never see the error for disk 1.

Is this just a file system problem? Do I just hit Ctrl + A at boot up and find a disk check utility? How would I run a hardware diagnostic on the drive?
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Re: Disk error code 33

Install HP utility to diagnostics issue :


Array Configuration Utility

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Re: Disk error code 33

Not sure what generation your server is, but obviously it is not using a smart array controller, but a "normal" SATA controller, maybe using a driver based mirroring?

The disk has probably defective areas, detected during write operations. If the disks are used. If you don't use RAID, you can probably test the disks with windows error checking?

Hope this helps!

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