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Dissapearing SAS disks

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Yuriy Kuzmichev
Occasional Visitor

Dissapearing SAS disks

Need your help!

We have serveral Proliant DL140 G3 servers with 300GB 15K SAS disks (DF300ABAAA) with HPD3 and HPD5 firmware. Two HDs on each server. SAS controller - HP SAS HBA. At boot time bios says somthing about LSI Logic Corp. and SAS1068.

We configured raid 0 array. After two weeks we found four of our servers printing errors about dead disk device. We got to the SAS configuration utility and found one disk dissapeared. It only appeared after power shutdown and up again (hard resets wouldn't help).

We thought it was a raid controller bug and reconfigured server not to use hardware raid. Unfortunately that didn't help. Disks continue to dessapear.

Does anyone know how to solve this?



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Víctor Cespón
Honored Contributor

Re: Dissapearing SAS disks

Yuriy Kuzmichev
Occasional Visitor

Re: Dissapearing SAS disks

Thanks! This helped us.

we updated the firmware using Smart Array E200 under Fedora Core 7, so Smart Array P600 was not needed.