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Drive array Device failure

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Drive array Device failure

Hi at all,
I have a Server HP Proliant DL 580 G2, OS: Windows Server 2003. with four HD of 146.8 gb. ultra SCSI in an array.
Last Sunday i've Received this error message:
Post Error: 1787 Drive Array Operating in Interim Recovery Mode.
the subsystem is not able to rebuild the array chain, and one of HD have a permanent LED in orange !
What can i do ?
I have to change the HD with another one ?
Thanks in advance for your support

Michael Schulte zur Sur
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Re: Drive array Device failure


you may remove the disk, reinsert it and try to rebuild the array. If the disk fails again, exchange it!



ps. What controller?
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Re: Drive array Device failure

Hi Massimo,

how did you get the message, an event in event logs, Insight Manager or just management agents?

I would confirm the scenario by running Array Diagnostics Utility on the server that the disk has actually failed or is about to fail (predictive alert). On occassions, i have experienced bogus reporting via management agents.

You could also fire up Array Configuration utility start->programs->hp system tools->array configuration utility if you have installed it.

Once ACU or ADU confirms the drive to be faulty or about to die, simply take it out and put the replacement one in while the system remains online.

hope it helps and dont forget to assign points:)


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Re: Drive array Device failure

Thanks for your answer!
I've got the message from Compaq integrated management log viewer !

I've removed the disk fail and reinsert it, then i've run the Array Configuration utility, but the automatic Recovery don't start ! and after some minutes the disk LED
have a fix led in orange !
in attach the Array Configuration utility page shown !
in the system event viewer i find only this message:
Physical Drive inserted : SCSI Port 2, ID 0, of Embedded Controller.

I don't know , how can i do to force a rebuild array with Array configuration utility, if it's possible !

Uwe Zessin
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Re: Drive array Device failure

it looks like the disk is really dead. You need to replace it with a new one. The controller should recognize this change and automatically start a rebuild.
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Re: Drive array Device failure


if you get a POST error 1787 , it means the BIOS checked that one of your HDD's bad. so, if, your array is not going to rebuild process ( you will see a message on POST for this) even after removing and reinserting the drive, you should replace the HDD for this. the rebuild process will start automatically.

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