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Drivers and firmware levels on HP BL25 and 30

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Jeff Tranchina
Occasional Contributor

Drivers and firmware levels on HP BL25 and 30

Does HP have release documents that outline the recommended (not current) levels of hardware, firmware and driver revisions for the blade servers, chassis interconnect modules etc.. We are seeing some sporadic errors using win 2003 servers in some of our environments mostly with the bl30p(power low messages, fiber path issues connecting to emc SAN etc.) and it is very difficult to troubleshoot being the only answer we get is to use the latest support pack. What I was looking for was a doc that had the BL25 or 30P, a list of components and the recommended levels they should be at. Any help would be appreciated.
David Claypool
Honored Contributor

Re: Drivers and firmware levels on HP BL25 and 30

Picking and choosing components from a PSP is discouraged. A PSP should always be used together.

The best practice is usually use a 'If it works, don't fix it' philosophy. The primary reason a PSP revs is to support new hardware. If you don't have any of that new hardware, you may not want to move if you are not experiencing any issues. Consult the release notes to determine when/if you should update.
Jeff Tranchina
Occasional Contributor

Re: Drivers and firmware levels on HP BL25 and 30

I agree with the philosophy but with the current config that we are using on the bl30p's, we are seeing a lot of severe issues, one relating to power. We are using HP Asset. Is there any way to procuce a report from that app that shows the version of the PSP. If not, are there any other tools that we can use. We may have an issue with keeping the firmware and driver versions for all of these servers in sync. There will be potentially thousands of these units.
Oleg Koroz
Honored Contributor

Re: Drivers and firmware levels on HP BL25 and 30

From quick research you can find general documents, with basic recommendation for Firmware Updates and Driver Updates. Like

For all Servers there is no outlined document that keep all up to date matrix with recommendation what Updates is needed.
Along PSP released it will unite all necessary Updates and you can find Info what fixes included or you can go trough history revision.

However you can always access to Customer advisories and technology papers with recommendation for your servers, if you navigate by model.

Please navigate trough links that I dropped for you as recourses or use sign-up service for all notifications on your Product

See link and recommendation how to find info

On the example of 30's〈=en&cc=us

On the Left side click for Troubleshoot a problem

Than select Microsoft Windows operating systems or other ...

Or sigh-up service

For 25's〈=en&cc=us

Additionally each smart start has quick specs
Also each smart start has quick list of advisories or from SmartStart 7.40 (or other) Release Notes