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Drivers needed for ML350 G6

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Drivers needed for ML350 G6

I work for a very small business and finally convinced my boss, the owner, to get a server. We bought a used Proliant ML350 G6 and also a legitimate copy of Windows Server 2012 R2 Esstenials we purchased separately. I have no discs that came with the server at all.

I have a long IT / support history on the windows desktop side of things but this is my first time setting up a server. How, or where do I get drivers for the hardware inside this machine? My main concern is the BIOS / firmware and device drivers for the motherboard and ICH10 storage controller. 

Doing a driver update from device manager instantly fails like something is blocking it but windows updates works just fine.  Is HP actively blocking a windows automatic driver update somehow?

The server is obviously not under warranty and I have no service contract nor can we afford one.  I cannot locate drivers for this machine on the HP or HPE sites.

I have tried to instal various Intel and HP tools that relate to my hardware configuration but notihng will instal. Does anyone have a soluiotn where I can at least get some basic motherboard adn drive controller drivers that wil not involve $?   I had no idea HP would want a service contract and $  JUST for DRIVERS!! 



Re: Drivers needed for ML350 G6


You may find the drivers link below:

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Re: Drivers needed for ML350 G6

To upgrade driver and firmware, you can use Service Pack for ProLiant which is a comprehensive systems software and firmware update solution, which is delivered as a single ISO image. This solution uses HP Smart Update Manager (HP SUM) as the deployment tool.

Download the Service Pack for ProLiant ISO from below link.

Using Localhost Guided Update in Interactive mode Procedure to deploy the SPP.

Steps to Initiate online SPP deployment


1. Mount SPP ISO to iLO or Extract ISO on server.
2. Launch SUM (launch_sum.bat) from extracted ISO floder.
3. Check if the Baseline was added automatically. If not, we need to manually add the Baseline. The Baseline is the update level our nodes will be compared against.
To view or add Baselines, click the Baseline Library under HP Smart Update Manager drop-down arrow.
4. If the baseline was automatically added, you will see it recorded.
5. After the Baseline has been inventoried, In the navigation menu, click “Localhost Guided Update”.
6. Select Interactive.
7. SUM displays the current baseline selected for the Localhost.
8. To use the currently selected baseline, continue to the next step.
9. Click OK. SUM begins inventory on the baseline and Localhost.
10. Click Next after SUM finishes the inventory.
11. Recommended updates that are ready to deploy are highlighted in blue and SUM displays a green icon in the Ready to proceed column. If a component has a red button in the Ready to proceed
column, it means that there is a dependency to resolve before SUM can deploy that component. Deselect the item if you want to deploy the other updates and come back later to perform this update.
12. If you selected Deploy all updates, select a duration of time before SUM reboots.
13. Click Deploy.
14. Once the deployment completed reboot the server.

For more information please refer Service Pack for ProLiant Quick Start guide.

If unable to use SPP, download individual component updates from below link.

HP ProLiant ML350 G6 Server:

If above link fails, use the below links.

Online ROM Flash Component for Windows - HP ProLiant ML350 G6 (D22) Servers
Type: BIOS (Entitlement Required) - System ROM
Version: 2018.05.21(2 Jul 2018)

Online ROM Flash Component for Windows - HP Integrated Lights-Out 2
Type: Firmware - Lights-Out Management
Version: 2.33(30 Mar 2018)

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Re: Drivers needed for ML350 G6

sorry to hijack this topic but it isn't normal that you need a warranty to just "download" some regular drivers that the manufactor should always provide with warranty or without a warranty that should NOT matter but it does all for $$$


It is important to keep drivers up to date and security with that along with it, people at HP are getting too crazy on $$$ / €€€ and only think about that and not think about their costumers and "older" hardware and making it to troublesome to download even a single driver because you need to "login" and then after that you still need a warranty for a old server from several years ago in which you bought and are ownership from

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Re: Drivers needed for ML350 G6

I recently picked up one of these also to learn on since I am studying to become a network admin. My school gives me access to windows server 2016 and 2019. I already know 2019 isn't gonna work, but I figured I might be able to get 2016 to work. I can install it fine but it is missing 2 drivers. How did you go about with your situation, I can find that disc they were talking about, but I don't see anything about installing drivers.