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ESXi install loop

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ESXi install loop

Brand new Proliant DL380. Attempting to install ESXi 6.0 on the device. I am able to go through a successful install process. However after the machine requires a reboot, it attempts to reinstall the operating system again. I have changed the boot order on the machine to boot from the Raid Array, and it still attempts to install. If I remove the USB storage from the machine, it will tell me that no disk is found to install. 


To recap my steps:

1. Boot the DL380 and bring up Intelligent Provisioning. 

2. Fill in the pedigree information if any is required. Choose Install option.

3. Select VSphere/ESXi and destination HP Raid Array 440 ar

4. Use recommended settings for configuration

5. On Operating system select screen, select the .iso(when the .iso appear and allow me to select them)

6.Select next and let the install process go

7. Insallation completes with warnings(device is a standalone at the moment)

8. Devices reboots and machine cycles through the bios and boot up procedures

9. ESXi installation begins again and cycles through. 


I have been trying to find some documentation as to why this would be happening. Thought it was the boot order, but it continued to attempt to install after I had placed the boot order with the Array at the top of the order or manually selecting the Array.

I'm hoping that whatever it is that's off is something that I'll just smack my head with with and not a major issue.

Edit: Realized that I didn't really ask a specific question. How can I stop the loop and just boot ESXi, or ensure that the install destination ends up being the actual install destination? 

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Re: ESXi install loop

Anyone have some insight here? 

I'm seeing the same EXACT problem.

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Re: ESXi install loop

My fix action was just a patch job. The install occured on the external hard drive that I was using. I set the boot to the USB drive and ESXi booted up just fine.