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Enabling UNDI on DL360/380/580

Jeremy Loukinas_2
Occasional Contributor

Enabling UNDI on DL360/380/580

We're implementing software which uses a small image of dos 7.1 and UNDI drivers for network connectivity.

There's two ways of using the image, one is via a PXE boot, which works fine aside from some DHCP issues unrelated to UNDI.

The other is to virtually mount the same image with Virtual Media through ILO (no DHCP). Unfortunately the UNDI drivers will not work and the software company's support says that UNDI support must be enabled before the image is delivered. I've looked through the ROM based configuration utility and have not had any luck. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Thank you
Jeremy Loukinas_2
Occasional Contributor

Re: Enabling UNDI on DL360/380/580

I spoke with HP support briefly and the gentleman told me that enabling UNDI is not an option in the bios because it is always supposed to be available to the system; no need to turn it on.

Unfortunately, my boot disk still does not work, but the PXE boot does with the same boot image being delivered. He couldnt offer much more help than that, so I dont know if maybe it is the version of my firmware?

Thanks for any help...