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Expanding Raid 5 Array

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Expanding Raid 5 Array

Hi There,

A client has a G3 ML370 with 3 x 70Gb drives in a Raid5 array. They've bought 2 more drives & wish to expand the array.

Can anyone advise me if this can be done easily or if we need to backup, recreate the array, & restore?

Many thanks,

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Re: Expanding Raid 5 Array

Hi ,

You can check that issu from ACU (Array COnfiguration Utility) otherwise you have to create another RAID with that new 2 harddisk.

If helps, pls assign point.

Gary Benavides Meza
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Re: Expanding Raid 5 Array

Yes, you can expand the existing array without loosing any data, even though a backup is recommended. You need to have the optional battery on the storage controller in order to have this option available.
- Add the new drives on the server.
- Open the Array configuration Utility, either on the OS or booting from the smart start.
- Select the Raid you want to expand. Click in the link expand array.
- Select the hard drive you want to add to array.
- Select the link extend array and select the hard drive with you want to extend.
- save the configuration and the extension will take accion.
- After the extension take accion you select the logical drive and expand the logical drive. you need put the new size of the logical drive.
- Once the you have finished on the OS if you are running Microsoft you are going to see an unallocated space use a diskpart or partition magic to expand this volume on the OS or create a new partition.