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Failing Server RAID Migration

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Failing Server RAID Migration


I have a server that I can hopefully move the drives from it to another server.


Current server:

HP DL360p Gen8

SA P420i Controller


New Server

HP DL380e Gen8

SA P830 Controller


Could I move drives from the current server to the new server and keep the RAID intact?



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Re: Failing Server RAID Migration

I'm 99% sure that would work okay.  You shouldn't have any problems going from a P420 to a P830.  The only time I'd ever have a doubt is if you were moving down to an older controller.  But I've always had good luck moving *up* in controllers.


If you have any doubts at all you should make sure any critical data is backed up.  In fact you should do that even if you were totally sure it would work, because that's when Murphy shows up with his stupid Law.