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Global Hot Spare

R K Gaur

Global Hot Spare


can we add a hard drive as a global hot spare in array.

Hardware:- HP DL380 G4 Server

rakesh kumar
Respected Contributor

Re: Global Hot Spare

Hi RK Gaur

You don't assign a global hot spare, you assign the drive as an online spare to array 1, then also assign the same drive as online spare to array 2 and to array 3. Thus it is a 'shared' hot spare rather than a global one.

Typically, boot off the SmartStart CD that come with the server, and run the Array Configuration Utility. The ACU will allow you to create the array and logical driver. You could create Array A with your os logical drive and Array B with your data logical drive. Depending on the number of driver you have, you can have a separate spare for array of one spare HDD for both arrays.

juan quesada
Respected Contributor

Re: Global Hot Spare

yes you can,

withing the NCU assing the drive as online spare (same as hot spare), you can choose to include all the redundant arrays over there(global)or select a particular one. your choise