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Guidance needed on Rebuilding Raid

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Guidance needed on Rebuilding Raid

I am trying to get a neglected HP ProLiant ML310 With Windows Server 2003 up and running again.

It was set up as RAID 1 with two 500 GB disks (each partioned into OS and DATA partitions)


One of the disks (disk 0) failed and the server would not boot. I was able to recover all the data off the failed disk in an XP machine. Mirroring to the good disk (disk 1) had ceased six month prior to the disk failure.


I put the good disk into position 0 and a new 500 GB disk into the second position. The booting process went a bit further but still would not boot. I deleted the raid (F8 etc) and the server now starts Windows Server without raid. (I didn't delete any partitions during the raid deletion process.)


I then started to create a new raid and I got "valid partition" deletion warnings in the "configure drives" section of the array configuration utility", so I decided not to proceed without guidance.


What do I do next ? ... Will the partitions automatically be created on the new disk when I get the raid working?


Note: I don't have a Windows Server 2003 disk and I want to avoid deletion of the OS at all costs (the data is already secured)

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Re: Guidance needed on Rebuilding Raid

Can anyone help ?