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HBA boot first than SCSI controller

Alessandro Bronzo
Occasional Contributor

HBA boot first than SCSI controller

I have this situation:
- ML330 server G3 (470062-444)
- a SCSI Ultra3 controller on PCI1 (324710-001)
- a Host Bus 8 ports SAS/SATA PCI-X on PCI2 (347786-B21)
- two SCSI disk with the operating system in RAID1 via software
- two SATA disk for storage purpose in RAID1 via hardware
The server correctly boot from the scsi disks when the SAS controller in not installed. When i instal the SAS HBA i created an array with the two sata disks and set it in RAID1. Then i specify in the SAS HBA bios that it have NOT to boot. At the reboot i configured the BIOS of the server to boot primarily from the "Hard disk C:" and then configured the "Hard disk C:" to be the HP Wide Ultra3 SCSI controller first.
When i restart the system, it boots always from the SAS controller.
How can i resolve this? I want to boot from the SCSI controller (which has not a configurable BIOS).
Thanks in advance.



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Marino Meloni_1
Honored Contributor

Re: HBA boot first than SCSI controller

The scsi HBA need to have the bios enabled in order to boot the disk or it will be only a standard periferical without the possibility to boot.
Now I do no tknow your specific HBA, but you can check if you have an option to disable the BIOS in the HBA that should not boot.
Another option is to put the HBA that have to boot in a bus that have higher priority during POST, so it will get the control from the System Board before the other HBA and then boot if he have a bootable disk.
Obviously check also in the Proliant Bios for any setting that can fit your need related to the priority and boot process