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HP Event Notifier

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HP Event Notifier

Hello All,

I was trying to configure the HP event notifyer on my ML310 to sent me email messages via smtp. Is there a way for me to enter account information for the smtp server? How do I send a test message so I know it's working?

thanks Bob
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Re: HP Event Notifier

HP ProLiant Servers, HP Insight Event Notifier - How to Setup Email Notifications Via Insight Management Agents on Individual Proliant Servers Running Microsoft Windows 2003

This document answers the following questions:

* How do I setup email notifications via the Insight management agents on individual ProLiant Servers running Microsoft Windows 2003?
* Is there any way to automatically setup and configure the Event Notifier on all my servers?
* If the server is inaccessible, will it send emails when it comes back online?
* How do I send a test trap?
* What is the current ProLiant Support Pack with the latest Agents and System Management Homepage?


HP Insight Event Notifier - Install, setup, configure, and test:

After the install of the Operating System, the latest Service Pack, and all windows updates, run the latest HP ProLiant Support Pack (PSP). This will install all drivers, utilities, and agents.

Click here to access ProLiant Support Pack for Microsoft Windows Server 2003 v7.51 A (22 May 06) (
NOTE: Please check revision history for latest PSP version.

Email Notification:


Click Start, then click Programs, then click HP Management Agents, and then click Event Notifier Config.

Configure the SMTP mail server information.

Configure the list of notification recipients.

Click Services, then click SNMP Service, then clickproperties , and then click the Traps tab. Then set Community Name (for example: public) and Trap destinations: (
NOTE: I recommend using the loopback address, instead of the IP address because this tells me that I am sending a trap to itself. For HP SIM (CMS) I would recommend using the actual IP address, which tells me I am sending an alert remotely.

Click Start, then click Settings, then click Control Panel, then click the HP Management Agents icon, then click SNMP Settings tab, and then select [Send Test Trap].
NOTE: This will send a Major (severity) Generic trap (11003) event.

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Re: HP Event Notifier

>Configure the SMTP mail server information.

Configure the list of notification recipients.

How do I put in account info (username/password) for asmtp?

Thanks Bob