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HP Smart Array 6402 Controller Issues


HP Smart Array 6402 Controller Issues



I currently am using a HP Proliant ML570G2 server, and I am running into big issues with my Smart Array 6402 Controller.


Ever since November last year, my server reports the following message:


Error: 1783-Slot 2 Smart Array Controller Failure

                    Controller is in a lock-up state due to a hardware configuration failure

                    (Controller is in a disabled state until the problem is resolved)


Usually the following message is displayed:


HP Smart Array 6400 Controller (320MB, V2.34) X Logical Drives

(Followed by the ORCA prompt message.)


Prior to this issue, I received the following message:

Array Accelerator battery low
Array accelerator batteries have failed to charge and should be replaced.

Post-write cache is disabled until a new battery is installed.


I also swopped the positions of hard drives in SCSI Bay A, IDs 0 and 1 and then the 1783 error appears.


This error only stops showing when I remove the additional 256MB battery backed array accelerator module.


Nothing else was done (this was a hand me down server that had be reset before being delivered to us.)


What could be the problem here? Could it be the lack of a battery or is it a faulty array accelerator module?


Anyone's advice is really appreciated, many thanks!






Re: HP Smart Array 6402 Controller Issues



Have you tried to swap or replace the battery?

You may also try to update the Smart Array 6402 firmware to 2.84


Here is the link.


You may test the controller without the battery and cache module attached.

Thank You!
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Re: HP Smart Array 6402 Controller Issues

Hi, I have seen this before.
It'll be the 256MB cache module that is faulty and it will need to be replaced.

I'd also recommend updating the firmware of the controller to the latest available (think its 2.84) as older firmware on these controllers had a tendency to report false battery failures.



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Re: HP Smart Array 6402 Controller Issues



My sincerest apologies for being unable to reply in such a short notice.


I have been trying to get in touch with our local authorized redistributor of HP Spares (Serverworks Singapore).


Unfortunately, at the moment, they do not have any stock of the spare Nickel Metal Hydride batteries nor Battery Backed Write Caches. I will try again later this weekend to see if the new stock has arrived, or worse comes to worst I may have to pre-order it again.


Since the redistributor is unable to give me a price quote, I would really appreciate it if someone could give me an approximate price range for these products:

307132-001 (3.6V Ni-MH Battery Pack)

309522-001 (256 MB Battery-Backed Write Cache for HP Smart Array Controller 640x)]

The above IDs are spare part numbers.


With regards to the firmware version, I am very sure it is not a false alarm as the batteries have never been replaced in the past 5 years now. The life cycle of the battery, as I read on the HP Support site is about 2-3 years. It's also time to replace these exhausted batteries.


If I am going to do an upgrade, should I still plug back the Battery-Backed write cache to see if it gets upgraded? Will this prevent unsynchronized firmware issues later between the Smart Array Controller and the Battery Backed Write Cache?


I am also thinking of upgrading the motherboard's firmware... Should I do it or will it be too risky? I need some help on the firmware flashing process of both the Smart Array Controller and the motherboard.


Thank you for your paitience!



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Re: HP Smart Array 6402 Controller Issues

Hi again,

No need to apologise!

I'm afraid I cant help you with the prices.


You are probably correct in saying that the battery failures will be genuine if they havent been replaced for that amount of time.


As far as I know, the firmware upgrade does not 'touch' the cache module at all. This is just the same as a RAM module in a server, you cannot upgrade its firmware!


The easiest way to do the firmware updates is by the use of the Firmware Maintenance DVD which you boot the server from and basically follow the instructions.

And yes, I normally update anything that it offers to update inculding the BIOS on the motherboard, its always good practice.


The last version for your model of server is available here...






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Re: HP Smart Array 6402 Controller Issues

[ Edited ]

Is this firmware maintenance CD the same as the compilation and consolidation of all the firmwares in this page?

HP Proliant ML570G2 - Download Drivers and Software


Similarly, is the SmartStart CD a compilation and consolidation of software on that page?


Does it make any difference if I download the Online Firmware Maintenance files (update via a GUI-based operating system?)


I also figured out that I need to update the firmware of my 15K SCSI drives first.


The only problem is... I got 12 drives, and all are different sizes...

(2 36.4GB, 6 72.8GB and 4 146.8GB)


When I do an online maintenance update, (not offline!) will there be a possibility of the firmware writing to the wrong drives? I don't want to lose these drives as they already have quite a bit of data held in them and they are pretty expensive. How do I ensure that I am not writing the wrong firmware to the wrong drive size?

These are the drive models for you reference:

BF03685A35 - 36.4GB 15K Ultra-Wide SCSI 320 Hot-Pluggable Hard Drive

BF07287B55 - 72.8GB 15K Ultra-Wide SCSI 320 Hot-Pluggable Hard Drive

BF14688286 - 146.8GB 15K Ultra-Wide SCSI 320 Hot-Pluggable Hard Drive


Is it under this page?

Ultra-Wide SCSI 320 Hot-Pluggable Hard Drive


Since I am using Windows 2000 Advanced Server Microsoft Selects Edition, which page should I go to download?




Respected Contributor

Re: HP Smart Array 6402 Controller Issues

Yes, the Firmware CD is just a compilation of all the firmwares on that page (and all firmware for a range of different server models too)


The Smartstart CD has the PSP (or Proliant Support Pack) on it as well as utilities like ACU etc.

You can use the online updates (ie from within Windows) for both firmware and software, but I find having it all on one CD / DVD makes life easier.


The FW CD will look at your hardware first and figure out what you have before upgrading anything.
There is no way that it will put the wrong FW on your disks.
As  a seperate note, FW for disks can be hard to find and they are not always on the FW CD, so in your case where you have many different types, you might be best finding the online FW updates instead.


Finally, just choose Windows 2000 for your operating system when downloading anything.




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Re: HP Smart Array 6402 Controller Issues

Hmmm, okay great, now I don't have to worry about plugging out the drives of different sizes before installing the specific firmware.


Thanks for the help you guys have been providing me so far... I really appreciate it!


I may not be able to get back to you so soon, as I barely have free time. When I am done updating all the firmwares on the server I will get back to you.


Do I need to empty out the hard drives of all their content before doing the firmware update?