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Re: HPE Proliant DL20 Gen9 Not detecting drives

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HPE Proliant DL20 Gen9 Not detecting drives

I'm trying to install Windows 10 Professional (x64) but during the installion there are no drives detected.

I have two 1TB HP drives configured in RAID 1 through Intelligent Provisioning -> Perform Maintenance -> HPE Smart Storage Administrator (SSA)

The Raid controller is of type: Dynamic Smart Array B140i.

After I configured the array, I selected the new logical drive as bootable drive.

How can I get the Windows installation to detect the Logical drive?

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Re: HPE Proliant DL20 Gen9 Not detecting drives

Pretty much you need to (re)install Microsoft Windows 10 Pro attaching the appropriate HPE Dynamic Smart Array B140i device driver during the OS install process: the OS will be then able to correctly recognize (and use) the bootable software RAID 1 volume you initially created through HPE SSA (see, as example, this external content pretty handy to find): I'm pretty sure that explained procedure was already discussed on the HPE Community Forum's a matter to search for.

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