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How to check TOE works?


How to check TOE works?

Hello, how can I check TCP offload engine works correctly?

I have DL380 G5 with two hp nc373i Multifunction Gbit Adapter. With NCU I have nic settings:

TCP Connection Offload - Enabled
Recieve-Side Scaling - Enabled
IPv4 Checksum Offload - Rx/Tx Enable
TCP Checksum offolad (IPv4) - Rx/Tx Enable
UDP Checksum offolad (IPv4) - Rx/Tx Enable
TCP/UDP/IP Checksum offolad (IPv4) - Rx/Tx Enable
LSO v1, LSO v2 - Enabled

Operating System on server windows 2008 Sp2. I have made setting "netsh int tcp set global chimney = enabled"

Is it enought for TOE correctly work?
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rick jones
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Re: How to check TOE works?

If you had data from before enabling TOE, presumably if you saw a drop in CPU utilization on your workload (if the level held constant) or on something like netperf TCP_STREAM you could reasonably assume that TOE was enabled and effective.
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Re: How to check TOE works?

Thank you, Rick. I never used netperf. Probably it is good tools.
I try cli ms tool netstat.
C:\Users\user1>netstat -t

Active Connections

Proto Local Address Foreign Address State Offload State

TCP dsi-lab-01:49195 ESTABLISHED InHost
TCP dsi-lab-01:49194 ESTABLISHED InHost
TCP tyurin1:65376 ESTABLISHED Offloaded
TCP dc1:ldap CLOSE_WAIT InHost
TCP dsi-lab-srv2:https TIME_WAIT InHost
TCP dc1:epmap TIME_WAIT InHost
TCP dc1:1025 TIME_WAIT InHost

Some connection have state Offloaded.
I thought that HP have tools check nic and os settings for TOE.

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