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How to check status LEDs from linux command line

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How to check status LEDs from linux command line

I've got monitoring software that I want to extend support to HP for. I'm struggling with a sepcific task I'm hoping someone here can help with. 

With other vendors, I can check the ID light, CSS light and general error lights using 'ipmi-oem'. Example with Fujitsu;

# ipmi-oem Fujitsu get-system-status
System Power : On
SEL Entries Available : Yes
Watchdog Active : Yes
Agent Connected : No
System in POST : No
Identify LED : Off
Global Error LED : Off
Last POST Code (Port 80) : C0h

Looking in the man page for ipmi-oem, there is no entry for HP, which makes me think this information isn't available via this tool. 

Can someone point me in the right direction? Note that I am trying to read the local host, not remote machines.



Re: How to check status LEDs from linux command line


If this query is regarding hard drive LED status you can use HPE SSA CLI utility.

HPE SSA CLI Utility to Identifying devices

You can enter a command that causes the LEDs on target devices to flash, enabling you to identify the devices. After an hour, the LEDs stop flashing. You can also stop LED flashing by entering the off command.


           <target> modify led=on|off

Example commands:

           => ctrl ch="Lab 4" modify led=on

           => ctrl ch="Lab 4" array A modify led=off

For more information please refer HPE Smart Storage Administrator User Guide


In addition to HPE SSA CLI utility, you can use HPE IPMI tool.

IPMItool is a simple command-line interface to systems that support the IPMI 1.5/2.0 specifications.

IPMItool provides the following:

  • Ability to read the SDRR and print sensor values
  • Display the contents of the system event log
  • Print field replaceable unit information
  • Read and set LAN configuration parameters
  • Perform remote chassis power control

For more information please refer HPE iLO IPMI User Guide


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