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How to get into the BIOS?

Steve Brereton
Occasional Contributor

How to get into the BIOS?

OK, so I'm embarrassed!

ML370 (an old one, looks like a 1600)

Whilst the CD ROM appears to read a disk, I can't get it to boot from it, whether a SmartStart or OS one.
Thing is, I can't find the key or keys to access the BIOS on bootup, and pressing F10 gives me a message that the sysutilities partition is empty.
Denver Osborn
Honored Contributor

Re: How to get into the BIOS?

It could be that you need to press F-9 to enter the bios, may depend on the particular model.

Have a look at this post:,,0x47c668da2286d711abdc0090277a778c,00.html

Hope this helps,
Gert Luyten
Respected Contributor

Re: How to get into the BIOS?

First, I would replace your broken CD-ROM :-). Your server might still be in warranty.

Pressing F9 to go into RBSU will not work on older ML370's (1st gen.- opal color).

You can download the System Configuration Utility diskettes and boot from those. You can get them here:

Good luck, Gert.
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Steve Brereton
Occasional Contributor

Re: How to get into the BIOS?

Thanks Denver.
I can get into the BIOS now via the floppy set.
Fixed the fact that the CD ROM was on CS, not master for the EIDE channel.
Is there any seting regards bootable CD though? I got the Smartstart cd running, but it froze on the first graphic screen, and whilst the cd seems to be read, it just won't boot.