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ILO2 Password Change via powershell Question

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ILO2 Password Change via powershell Question

Hi All


I have a question i hope somebody will be able to help answer.  I've been tasked to change the ILO Admin password across our server estate. 


I'm planning to do this via powershell and thanks to the excellent HP module, its looks possbile. I run this with the Set-HPILOUser command.   

I've tested this and it works for all servers that have ILO-3 or above no problem.  However any server which has ILO-2 doesn't work.  It doesn't throw up an error or anything it seems to run the command but won't change the password.


I'm aware that certain  features within powershell won't work with anyhting less than ILO-3.  I searched around the internet but couldn't find a definate answer. 


So my i'm just looking for confirmation that i won't be able to change the admin password  by powershell for servers with ILO-2  or if there is a syntax that i'm missing that would make it work.    All our servers are HP Proliant DL of some format.


Thanks for any advice.

Jimmy Vance

Re: ILO2 Password Change via powershell Question

The web services are different between iLO2 and iLO3 so I'm not suprised the powershell scripts don't work on iLO2. The users guide shows supoort only for iLO3 and iLO4

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