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ILo 4 powershell scipting to check ilo and bios firmware levels

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ILo 4 powershell scipting to check ilo and bios firmware levels

Hi All 

I would like to find out if there is any way to automate checking bios and ilo firmware levels on proliant DL380 Gen 8 servers ? 

There are 45 servers that I need to check for a customer to fix a ilo nmi bug and their servers haven't all been discovered under Sim and I'd rather not have to manually log onto each server ilo .

What I would is idealy a script where I could put in the hostname and it would output the firmware levels. 

Thanks for the help 



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Re: ILo 4 powershell scipting to check ilo and bios firmware levels


Yes its possible with single powershell cmdlet as described below which takes either one or many iLO server ip's as input and fetches complete set of server information. Later from that information you can get FirmwareInfo which provids both iLO & BIOS firmware version installed on the specificed Server(s).

$info = Get-HPiLOServerInfo -Server <<iLO_IP>> -Username <<user>> -Password <<password>> -DisableCertificateAuthentication -Category FirmwareInfo -Verbose




HPE PowerShell Team


Sample out of the above cmd is below,

PS C:\Users\sreeramg> $info.FirmwareInfo

------------- ---------------- -----
iLO 2.50 May 02 2016 1
System ROM P89 v2.20 (04/12/2016) 2
Redundant System ROM P89 v2.20 (04/12/2016) 3
Intelligent Provisioning 2.30.75 4
Intelligent Platform Abstraction Data 22.02 5
Power Management Controller Firmware 1.0.9 6
Power Management Controller FW Bootloader 1.0 7
System Programmable Logic Device Version 0x30 8
SAS Programmable Logic Device Version 0x01 9
Server Platform Services (SPS) Firmware 10
HPE Smart Storage Battery 1 Firmware 1.1 11
Smart Array P440ar Controller 3.00 12
HP Ethernet 1Gb 4-port 331i Adapter - NIC 17.0.2 13
HP FlexFabric 10Gb 2-port 533FLR-T Adapter 7.12.8 14

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