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Install memory

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Install memory

I have been asked to install memory for a proliant ML570 g2.
Can anyone tell me I need to install 8 dimms(8Mb.) but not work. if i install 4 dimms it work . I check each dimms it OK.
Phillip Williams_2
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Re: Install memory

Preeda: As few questions please... (I assume you mean 8Gb.,.... ;-) )

a) Is the memory you are adding genuine HP memory?? - if not HP, I suggest try HP memory.
b) When you say each dimm works is that "works in the ML570G2 I have the problem with" or "works in another machine".
c) What do you mean by "Not work" - will not boot ? Operating system does not see more than 4Gb
d) Which operating system?
e) Is the SYstem BIOS up-to-date - what version do you have - I don't know of a problem but it would useful to know...


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Re: Install memory

I have a question, How are you placing the dimms into the server?

Here is an example of how the memory should be placed in the slots.

Row 1 System Memory Bank (A), DIMM slots 1 & 2
Row 2 System Memory Bank (B), DIMM slots 3 & 4
Row 3 System Memory Bank (C), DIMM slots 5 & 6
Row 4 System Memory Bank (D), DIMM slots 7 &

8 can be used as an Online spare memory bank
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