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Installing XP, Disk not found

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Occasional Contributor

Installing XP, Disk not found

Compaq proliant ml 370
1000 mhz
512 ram
smart array 431 controller
raid 0

(in the startup of the system,
1 logic drive found, then
scanning for scsi devices it says, no devices found.

when booting xp installation cd and hitting
F6 for installing drivers,
got drivers from hp, but the
even thoe i tried 32-bit driver controllers
for win 2000 and NT 4 it wont find any harddrive

i have really searched the net but cant find help, may it still be wrong drivers or is it any array problem

i tried linux, redhat and mandrake and they dont hav any problems with install, all works perfect...

but i need xp...

Grateful for help.
Oleg Koroz
Honored Contributor

Re: Installing XP, Disk not found

All drivers scripted for Server based O/S â not all Servers can do XP
If you tried 2000 or 2003 and they don't work you might want to try different lower end Array Controllers
Occasional Contributor

Re: Installing XP, Disk not found

Thanks for your answer!

becouse i dont got any OS installed i cant install the drivers you recomended.

the xp-installation asks for a .oem file and i have tried both 2000 and nt drivers.
(the drivers you recomended dont include any .oem file)
and i've heard about people installed xp on exact same type of server with success so i think it should work.

thanks for taking your time!
Honored Contributor

Re: Installing XP, Disk not found

Hi Dennie,

Some of the online kits were admittedly missing the TXTSETUP.OEM file so Compaq produced a CPQARRY2.ZIP file for this which I have attached.

Choose "Compaq Integrated Smart Array/42XX/43X Controllers" after pressing F6 to load the driver from floppy disk.

This should let you see the logical drive on the 431 controller and build XP.

You may also need some NIC and other drivers for the ML370G1 once built. The Windows 2003 ones should work with XP. If not, use the 2000 drivers although they may complain about not being signed which you can ignore.
Download from here.

Server 2003 drivers for ML370G1

Windows 2000 drivers for ML370G1

I hope this helps.

Occasional Contributor

Re: Installing XP, Disk not found

Thanks Brian.

I'm shure your solution would work fine.

I gave up the XP project, was told in an other forum that the drivers for 2000 and 2003 wouldnt work at all for xp. and i had no luck with them either.

i installed server 2003 and expected a lot of problems, but installation went really smooth, no drivers needed, 2003 installed and the server is now running nicely...

Ambitious and fast answere, Thanks a lot!