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Issues with DL380 G6

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Issues with DL380 G6

Recently I bought a second hand server from a company in the UK, and just recieved it, the only issue is that when I go to boot I get "805-Unsupported Processor Detected",  the error suggests that I look on hp (here) for a new ROM version. Well that's where the issue comes in, I believe I've found what I need but then when I put it on a USB and plug it into the server, after changing the boot options, it comes up with the same error and nothing else. 

I've managed to update ILO 2 to v2.29, but that doesn't help me in the situtation.

Thank you in advance.

Jimmy Vance

Re: Issues with DL380 G6

You are stuck in bad situation. If a newer System ROM will support the currently installed CPU, you need a supported CPU installed before you can update the system ROM.



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Re: Issues with DL380 G6

Is that 100% definate?

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Re: Issues with DL380 G6

A DL380 G6 can have two processors. If two processors are installed and only one of them is of unsupported type, you could remove it, then update the system ROM using only a single processor, and then reinstall the other processor.

As far as I know, there are no CPU type override DIP switches or anything like that on the system board, nor any other sort of magic incantations that would allow you to bypass the CPU type check.

But if you want "100% definite", then I can mention one more option. It's actually applicable only if you have the right kind of tools and knowledge available to you.

If you can identify the existing firmware version, find it as a downloadable file, and then find and access the BIOS chip using external hardware, you might be able to confirm the data layout and then reprogram the chip externally. Might.

If the BIOS chip is socketed, this might be a matter of popping it out of its socket and taking it (and the current & new BIOS files) into an electronics lab equipped with an (E)EPROM programmer, chip socket adapters and someone with the skills to use them. But if the chip is soldered directly onto the system board (which is likely), you would have to unsolder it first, which is risky and probably not worth the effort required. Getting a correct type of processor off eBay might be better use of your time and money.