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Keyboard problem on server install

Tim Stainton
Occasional Contributor

Keyboard problem on server install

I am reinstalling Windows 2003 server onto an HP Proliant ML115 after some disk failures. I have tried two PS2 keyboards and two USB keyboards and get exactly the same result:

The server boots up and I can navigate through the BIOS no problem. The server then boots into the install CD and into the blue screen part of the process. If I press F6 then it will ask for RAID drivers etc. and if I press F2 it will take me to the ASR, all of which shows that it is responding to the keyboard.

After the loading files part, I get to the Welcome to Setup page and have the option to select Enter to install, R to Repair and F3 to Quit, a page I have seen a hundred times. However, at this point it does not respond to the keyboard at all.

Apart from the keyboard, mouse (although I have tried only the keyboard) and monitor, there is nothing else plugged in, nor any other cards. I have been through the BIOS and I can see no option for legacy support, or anything which might help.


However, if I use the disk on another PC, it works and if I use a 2003 SBS disk, it works. It is just the combination of the original disk and this server.


I am stumped. How can it not respond to the PS2 keyboard at least is one question but more importantly, how can I proceed with the installation?