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ML110 G6 and B110i RAID Controller problem

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ML110 G6 and B110i RAID Controller problem


for a month ago we are having a problem with a ML110G6 with B110i RAID Controller, the server has 2 500GB HDDs and RAID 1 configured.

First of all the problem was that the operating system (SBS2011) was corrupted (the active directory database became corrupted and a chkdsk command reported several corrupted files).

So we ran the Insight Diagnostics from Easy CD and reports "Abnormal termination" error in the SMART Error Test.

Now we have realized that if we disable RAID Mode in BIOS, the test ends without any error, but when we enable RAID mode again, the SMART Error Test reports abnormal termination in several loops.


We have already talked to HP support and they have already changed the 2 HDDs and the system board (the B110i is onboard) without any improvement.


Ill ve very plasesd to have any idea to resolve this case.

Thanks in advance.