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ML310G4 raid ctrl questions

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ML310G4 raid ctrl questions


I've got a few questions about ML310G4 (hpref=418039-051).
(I didn't found "non-ambiguous" responses in forums... :-(
I will use it with Debian Etch (kernel 2.6.18).

- Does it come with a *real* hardware raid controller ? (I'll put 3 sata disks of 250G each in raid-1) What brand/model of chip is it ?

- Can I have a hot-spare disk (the 3rd) in this raid-1 configuration ? (I read that spare stuff is only available in raid-5 :-(

- Does it handle *real* hot-swap (I also read that server must be powered off before swapping a drive...)

- Can the controller cache be in read mode only ? (I mean desactivate *all* write cache, on controller and on each disk)

- Is it an on-board controller or a pci* card ?

- Do I need special software for remote management with integrated ILO ? Is Firefox enough (with at least java/vm I suppose...) ?

- It seems to have only one fan, is it enough ? (is power-supply fan included ?) Can I stop properly the server if fans are dying ?

- Keyboard and mouse are not included, right ?

Thanks for your time and I hope my questions are clear for you... ;-))