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ML320 G6 Server 2012 Video ES1000

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ML320 G6 Server 2012 Video ES1000


I installed Windows Server 2012 on ML320 G6 and I can not find drivers for the video card (ATI ES1000). Last SPP has not helped. What to do?


Re: ML320 G6 Server 2012 Video ES1000



First of all ML320 G6 is not supported by Windows Server 2012.


For the driver info, please refer to this link:



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Re: ML320 G6 Server 2012 Video ES1000

First of all: It's Windows 20012 not supported by HP for ML360G6 not the other way around.


Secondly: your link doesn't say anything about Wiundows 2012 - dirvers there finish on 2008.


We don't need server drivers for Win 2012, we don't even need HP driver for ATI ES1000. It would probably be enough to have AMD driver for 2012, or tweak ES1000/Radeon7000 driver for Win2008x64.

Unfortunately, I myself have no idea what has to be added in INF file as I see no operating system section there...


Apart of using generic Microsoft Video Card there is absolutely no problem with using Win2012 on the server. Missing iLO2 drivers just need to be installed manually (extracted and poiinted to in Hardware Manager). If only I had that video driver from AMD ...



Looks like there is no Win2012 support for ES1000:

HP doesn't seem to even work on it...

Well, still it's no biggie - server works fine without it, you will just not get high resolution support.