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ML350 G5 array e200i error

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ML350 G5 array e200i error



I've got a strange problem with a Proliant ML350 G5 server that uses a e200i controller. I changed my hard disks from 72GB SAS Hot Plug to 600GB SAS Hot Plug... After this, when I power on my server, I obtain a message that says


"cmd=0h err=00h dlu=0AC:0h"


and the led on the hard disks are off. I also booted with Smart Start disk to verify my array and after the error no array can be founded by Smart Start. 


If I put back on my old 72GB disks, everything works fine. 


I found this problem on two ML350 G5 with e200i controller.


Any solution? I also updated all firmwares, BIOS etc. and I also removed cache memory from the controller.

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Re: ML350 G5 array e200i error



Please help me understand your process for this upgrade. You mentioned that you changed your hard disks.  Is it also your intention to reinstall the operating system and restore the data from backup?


If I recall correctly, the SA controllers store their configuration data both on the controller itself and on the disks.  So when the controller initializes, it reads this "metadata" from disk and compares with controller.  If they match, good then nothing, server boots up and array sould be present.


However, if there is a mismatch, then the server will stop and ask you what you want to do.  Either shutdown or continue with potential data loss.  Because if a mismatch exists, there could be missing physical disks etc that are causing the problem, and if the array is brought online it could lead to further data loss.


Also, if you clear the configuration on the E200i to configure the new disks, then there would be a mismatch between the controller and the OLD disks. The fact that everything works with the old disks, lead me to believe the config on the controller is still present and matches what is on disk.






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