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ML370 G5 ASR-Boot with PCI Bus Error


ML370 G5 ASR-Boot with PCI Bus Error


we just had an ASR on one of our customers system, which followed, according to IML, after an PCI Bus Error.
However, I can't identify the underlying device.

The Log reports:
PCI Bus Error (Slot 1, Bus 0, Device 30, Function 0)

But in "System/PCI Devices" I can only find Bus 0, Device 29 (USB) and Device 31 (Mass storage).
If Slot 1 refers to PCI-Bus, that would be the P400 Controller inside that System (listed at Bus 6, Device 0).

The only additional piece of additional Hardware in the system is an old Adaptec AHA-2940U2W Controller, but this one is listed in Bus 18, Device 2.

The Integrated Insight Diagnostics Module did not report any "Device 30" (in Extended/All Overview).
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Re: ML370 G5 ASR-Boot with PCI Bus Error


update server to latest Firmware CD 8.3 and latest proliant support pack 8.15

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Re: ML370 G5 ASR-Boot with PCI Bus Error

We recently updated to FW 8.2 and PSP 8.1, are there any known issues with this?

As I can see in the release notes, there ar only new Ethernet Drivers (PSP 8.15) and no new Firmware-Images (FW 8.3).