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MSL 5026

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Terry Davidson
Occasional Advisor

MSL 5026

How and where do I find the diags for our MSL5026. Also the firmware upgrade process.
Sunil Jerath
Honored Contributor

Re: MSL 5026

Hello Terry,
Here is the link which should take care of the diags and the firmware for the MSL5026.

Sunil Jerath
Honored Contributor

Re: MSL 5026

Hello Terry,
If you are looking for the drivers for MSL5026 for installing it under W2K then you can use the following link:

Normally the backup SW should have the drivers but the above link should help you with the COMPAQ/HP version of OS drivers for MSL5026.

Terry Davidson
Occasional Advisor

Re: MSL 5026

Thanks Sunil,
Where is the page for the part nos located for MSL 50xx.
Sunil Jerath
Honored Contributor

Re: MSL 5026

Hello Terry,
Here is the information on the parts for your MSL5026:

Spare/Option Part Numbers


Description Spare Part Number Option/DEC Part Number
Barcode Reader 231676-001 FE-19368-01
Belt, Pass Thru 246729-001 FD-63859-01
Bracket, rack 305550-001
Brass Screws (Vendor #970946-310)
Cable, Flex, Kit 231677-001 FE-19374-01
Cable, SCSI High Density .25m 231687-001 FE-19380-01
Cable, SCSI High Density .5m 231687-002 FD-63138-01
Cable, Serial, RJ11/DB9F 300576-001 FD-65840-01
Cartridge, LTO Media 305421-001
Cartridge, LTO Cleaning 305422-001
Display, LCD Touch 231666-001 FE-19369-01
Fan, Backplane, 18 CFM 305551-001
Fan, Backplane 231670-001 FE-19383-01
Fan, Card Cage 263643-001 FD-65448-01
Guide, Drive 231682-001 FE-19402-01
Magazine, LTO, Left 303075-001
Magazine, LTO, Right 303076-001
Module, Adapter RJ11/DB9F 252850-001 FD-64281-01
Module, Backplane, Upper 234893-001 FD-65445-01
Module, Fibre Channel to SCSI, LVD (E1200) 271666-001 FE-19369-01
Module, Library Control 231671-001 FE-19360-01
Module, Control Panel 231685-001 FE-19370-01
Module, Front Panel LED 231678-001 FE-19391-01
Module, SCSI High Density I/O 231673-001 FE-19372-01
Module, Hot Plug 231672-001 FE-19361-01
Opto Sensor Set 303072-001
Pass Through 246731-001 FD-63860-01
Pass thru extender 5U 246726-001 FD-63857-01
Pass Thru Hub (Router, 8-port) 246732-001 FE-20076-01
Pass Thru Hub (Router, 9-port) 303051-001
Pass Thru Mechanism (Compaq MSL5026, MSL5052) 246728-001 FD-63858-01
Pass Thru Mechanism, Universal 303050-001
Power Supply Receiver w/ bd 234892-001 FD-63137-01
Power Supply 231668-001 FE-19367-01
Robot w/ Barcode 303071-001
Solenoid, Door Latch, Set 231667-001 FE-19388-01
Solenoid, Magazine 265362-001 FD-65446-01
Solenoid, Mail Slot 279245-001 FD-65450-01
Tape Drive, LTO, in hot-plug canister 303074-001
Terminator, HD SCSI 231683-001 FE-19386-01