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Moving array to a different SCSI ID

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Moving array to a different SCSI ID

Dear all,

I have a Proliant ML350 G4, with a logical disk A in a raid-5 array consisting of 4 36GB drives, originally placed at scsi id's 0,1,2,3

The raid controller is Smart 642

There is a setup of Windows 2003 standard edition, and the logical drive A, form windows file system, is configured as a dynamic disk.

Unfortunatelly this array craches, so Windows cannot start


All I want from this damaged array is some files located in this dynamic disk.

I have an extra scsi disk, so my idea is to create a new logic drive B for this new disk, setup windows server 2003 on it, and then insert the damaged array, logical drive A, in order to get access to data stored on logical drive A


My problem is that for the new logical drive B to work and boot Windows it must reside in scsi id 0

So my question is the following

If I have the new disk, Logical drive B, with a clean windows installation system,in scsi id 0 and then put the damaged array-scsi disks - Logical drive A, in scsi id's 1,2,3,4 does the smart controller wil recognize the logical drive A in different scsi id's, in order to access the data from the new Windows installation?


Kostas Kalomiris

Thank you in advnace

Kind regards