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Noise comparison of DL580 R01 with DL760/8500

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Noise comparison of DL580 R01 with DL760/8500

I use a DL580 as a test-rig but the noise does get somewhat "excessive" occassionally (I've managed to banish it to a spare room).

I've heard that the 8500/DL760 boxes are potentially quieter. Is this the case? Would anyone care to hazard an attempt at quantifying how much quieter?

I'm trying to justify getting an 8-way box to play with Virtual Server more and it'd help to have ammo for the SO if I can convince her it's quieter as well :)


Oleg Koroz
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David Claypool
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Re: Noise comparison of DL580 R01 with DL760/8500

No appreciable difference between the 580 and 760/8500; they're within a deciBel of each other...

As you may know, because of dual and now quad core processors, 8 socket designs like the 750/8500 are a thing of the past. You might be best off considering something like the DL380G5 when it comes out with quad core. 2U high with up to 8 SAS drives and 2 sockets/8 cores. It will be about 10dB quieter as well.
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Re: Noise comparison of DL580 R01 with DL760/8500

Hi Paul,

I personally have an 8500 and a two DL580's all fully populated and I must say that the DL580's do seem a _lot_ noisier than the 8500 - higher pitched - even though the specs don't seem to support that.

The 8500 starts up concord like taking off! but once it's booted, the fan noise really drops and its not bad at all. But not something you would want in your living room while watching the telly. ;)

Sure Dave is right though on the way to go - but just my observations on the two models.