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POWERSHELL REQUEST: Run Diagnostics via powershell and output to a file

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POWERSHELL REQUEST: Run Diagnostics via powershell and output to a file

Maybe I'm missing it... Is there a diagnostics cmdlet in the powershell tools?

It would be VERY beneficial for environments like mine (lab environments where we push out many servers a day), where we would be able to invoke a cmdlet against the ILO to run insight diagnostics and spit it out to a txt file.

Pretty please!


Re: POWERSHELL REQUEST: Run Diagnostics via powershell and output to a file


I am little confused here do you mean you want to run Insight diagnostic cmdlets and output to a file.

I think the first part of the question answer is yes we provide couple of them and for 2nd part of the question PowerShell has lot of capabilities to send the output of the cmdlets to a file. I don't think there is any strong reason to provide troublesooting cmdlets on top of standard way.

PS C:\Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0> help *ilo*insight*

Name Category Module Synopsis
---- -------- ------ --------
Add-HPiLOUser Function HPiLOCmdlets Adds a local user account to the iLO.
Disable-HPiLOERSIRSConnection Function HPiLOCmdlets Disables Insight Remote Support functionality and unreg...
Enable-HPiLOERSIRSConnection Function HPiLOCmdlets Connect to the Insight Remote Support server and regist...
Get-HPiLOERSSetting Function HPiLOCmdlets Gets the Insight Remote Support setting.
Register-HPiLOERSDirectConnect Function HPiLOCmdlets The Register-HPiLOERSDirectConnect cmdlet registers a s...
Set-HPiLOERSWebProxy Function HPiLOCmdlets The Set-HPiLOERSWebProxy cmdlet sets the web proxy sett...
Set-HPiLOPowerCap Function HPiLOCmdlets Sets the power cap feature on the host server.
Set-HPiLOSNMPIMSetting Function HPiLOCmdlets Modifies the respective iLO SNMP IM settings.
Set-HPiLOUser Function HPiLOCmdlets Modifies an existing local user account present in the ...
Start-HPiLOERSAHSSubmission Function HPiLOCmdlets Initiates Active Health System data submission to the I...
Start-HPiLOL2Collection Function HPiLOCmdlets Initiates an L2 data collection submission to the Insig...
Start-HPiLOTestEvent Function HPiLOCmdlets Initiates a test service event submission to the Insigh..

Correct me if i am wrong.



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