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PSP for Server 2003

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PSP for Server 2003

Where can I find an ISO image of the Proliant Support Pack (PSP) for Windows Server 2003?

All the links I've found are broken.

I have many Compaq ProlLiant 6400R Servers that have been running all flavors of Linux flawlessly; but when I install MS Windows Server 2003 - they all get a

"NMI: Parity Check / Memory Parity Error"

I have searched the forums with no success.
David Claypool
Honored Contributor

Re: PSP for Server 2003

Select "software & driver downloads"

Check [x] Download drivers and software and fill in "proliant 6400r"

Select "Microsoft Windows Server 2003"

It's under "Software-Support Pack"
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Re: PSP for Server 2003

I swear I did exactly what you suggested yesterday and every one of those links were broken (just the PSP links - all the rest before and after PSP worked fine!).

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Re: PSP for Server 2003

I have now installed the latest PSP. Oddly enough the problem which occured within a minute of reboot and was very repeatable adn pronounced --- has seemed to dissappeared on all but one machine.

On this last 6400r has become more infrequent.


I assume that since I have never had any problems running Linux and the system memory test diagnostics are all successful that this NMI: Parity Check / Memory Parity Error is most probably a FALSE POSITIVE, correct?

1) MS Windows Server 2003 is not handling the NMI interrupt properly ...

--- OR ---

2) MS Windows Server 2003 has configured memory management and/or buss timing differently than Linux, and memory race conditions are prevelant.

Can anyone identify this problem?

Can anyone point me to a specific fix for this problem?

James ~ Happy Dude
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Re: PSP for Server 2003

Hello !

Question for you : How much memory does these servers have ?

Try adding any of the 2 switches in the boot.ini file as per MS Articles :

Let us know how it goes.