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ProLiant ML330 formatting/partitioning problems

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ProLiant ML330 formatting/partitioning problems

Hi all. I have a problem with my proliant ML330 server. It has Windows 2000 Server with, i think service pack 1 & 2 on it.

When i wanted to format the harddisks (one is SCSI, other is integrated according to the BIOS) and then remove the 2 partitions on disk 1 and the only partition on disk 2, i bounced up against a problem;
It refused to remove the second partition on disk 1. It said that i had to remove the logical partitions first, but there any logical pratitions according to the menu that gives you that information.

Disk 1 info.
Partition 1 was a PRI DOS (primary DOS partition and the active one). Drive letter is C:. The drive is formatted.

Partition 2 was a EXT DOS partition. And the drive letter is somehow 'gone', after formatting.

Formatting and removing the partition on disk 2 was no problem.

Can anyone help me out.

PS. Don't write down any difficult english, since I'm dutch and my English isn't verry well.
Sunil Jerath
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Re: ProLiant ML330 formatting/partitioning problems

If you want to wipe everything from your system then the best way would be to boot the system with Smart Start CD and run system erase. Just make sure that you have backup of your data because this wipes out everything. You can also use the system erase disk which can be downloaded from the following link:

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Re: ProLiant ML330 formatting/partitioning problems

thanks for that. i won't backup th system since i want to use the serve for a whole new purpose.

thanks again.