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Problem rebooting ML350 G6 (Server 2003)

Greg B Miller
Occasional Contributor

Problem rebooting ML350 G6 (Server 2003)

At 4Am this morning, the server downloaded and installed a few updates and then tried to reboot.

This morning a message saying non-system disk/disk error was displayed.

We tried to reboot again, and we got the same error message.


I unplugged two USB hard drives that were attached and rebooted again, this time it worked fine.


I am not sure how the two drives being plugged in could have caused the problem (BIOS is not set to boot off USB drives.)

I am not sure why the system suddenly started working.


I could use any advice people might have.


The following errors show up in the logs:


System Power Supply: General Failure (Power Supply 1)

POST Error: 1615-Power Supply Failure or Power Supply Unplugged in Bay 1

POST Error: 1785-Drive Array not Configured

POST Error: 1789-Drive Not Responding, Physical Drive


Re: Problem rebooting ML350 G6 (Server 2003)



POST Error: 1615, comes up when there is no additional power supply or if the power cable is removed or if the power supply is faulty.

POST Error: 1785, comes up if the array is not configured or if additional controller is installed and not drives are configured onto it.

POST Error: 1789, comes up when drives that were working when the system was last used are now missing or are not starting up. A possible drive problem or loose drive cable.


Action plan for POST Error: 1789:
1. Power down the system.
2. Be sure all cables are properly connected.
3. Be sure all drives are fully seated.
4. Power cycle any external SCSI enclosures while the system is off.
5. Power up the server to see if the problem still exists.
6. If configured for fault-tolerant operation and the RAID level can sustain failure of all indicated drives:
a. Press the F2 key to fail the drives that are not responding
b. Replace the failed drives.
7. Press the F1 key to start the system with all logical drives on the controller disabled.
Be sure the system is always powered up and down correctly.
• When powering up the system, all external storage systems must be powered up before the server.
• When powering down the system, the server must be powered down before external storage systems.






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