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Problem upgrading HDD firmware


Problem upgrading HDD firmware

We have recently purchased DL160 G6 server with SmartArray P410 controller and a bunch of 300 GB SAS HDD's (model number EF0300FARMU)

After installing version control agent on this server it shows that firmware version of HDD's (HPD2) is outdated. I tried to update it to version HPD3 with version control agent but it failed. Then I tried to install cp012501.exe downloaded from SmartArray P410 support page - it also failed "There were no devices found that could be loaded with the ROM Image". In the release notes for this firmware I see only p400 and other older controllers, but no p410.

How do I upgrade firmware in such situation?

Re: Problem upgrading HDD firmware

Hi there,

the best way to update the hard drive firmware is to using Smart Update Firmware DVD (955 MB)

download, unzip and create a CD, Boot the server from CD and update all the firmware.

hope this helps,

I work for HPE
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