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Problem with a disk and smart array Proliant DL380p Gen8

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Problem with a disk and smart array Proliant DL380p Gen8

Help please!


Hp Diagnostics has shown the message:


Error: 640004: Controller has reported a critical performance threshold error on this drive
Warning: The warranty period for this hard drive may have expired, or may be about to expire. To verify the warranty status of the hard drive, contact the nearest HP support provider (

Accumulated power-on time for this hard drive: 50.9 months

This drive has experienced/recorded error conditions reported by diagnosis and requires replacement.
Perform the following steps before replacing a drive:

•Have a known good data backup.
•Replace the failed drive with one that is the same as, or functionally equivalent to, the original drive.
•Do not replace the drive if there is another drive that is failed, offline, or in the process of being rebuilt.
•On non-Hot Plug drives make sure the replacement drive ID matches the original drive ID.
•For further replacement procedures or help with identifying drive status, see the HP Smart Array Controller User Guide for your controller. The User Guide is available from
To identify the failed drive, click on the 'Identify Drive' button below to flash the LED on this drive.



status smart array P400 - The cache is temporarily disabled


"Status Messages

# 772 The current array controller has one or more array accelerator batteries that have either failed or have insufficient voltage.

Array accelerator operations such as Expansion, Extension, and Migration are temporarily suspended until the batteries are charged or in the case of a battery failure, replaced. "

This problem with hdd or the controller battery? Or both that and another
It is necessary to change a disk and to replace the battery on the controller?

Iain Binnie

Re: Problem with a disk and smart array Proliant DL380p Gen8



I would raise a support call with HP on this if you have support.


I would also try to reseat the battery back cache module, its streight forward enough, just disconnect the battery and reconnect it, its a battery with a cable attached to the controller.


SOunds like the battery is faulty.


Hope it helps.