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Proliant 8500R - Ram Upgrades

Charles Pippin_1
Occasional Contributor

Proliant 8500R - Ram Upgrades

I have 17 8500R Servers. They are dual 500 and 550 MHZ Systems. Their memory ranges from 256MB Ram to 1GB ram. The ones with less ram I am attempting to upgrade with newly purchased ram.

In every case the upgrade fails. The system shows a memory issue and halts after counting ram. It will state that the bank that the new Ram is installed in is the issue. If I remove the ram all is ok. If I install the ram using a different riser card from a different system it does the same thing. If I insert that different riser card with the new Ram into the system I borrowed it from it too has the same issue. If I insert the old ram from the borrowed riser card and insert it back into the system it came from it posts properly.

I have bought all different brands of ram from Axiom, Kingston, Compaq and Viking. None seem to work. I have checked the bios version and I have the latest available. I have also cleared NVram and reinstalled with no luck.

Does anyone have any helpful information as to what else can be tested?

Any information on the exact ram specifications I need to use if I wanted to use 2 512MB Sticks to upgrade a single system? (i.e. 128mb sdram pc100, registered, ecc, 8ns, 16 x 72 )

Any RAM vendors you have used that DOES/HAS work(ed).

I appreciate any information and help. Thank you in advance.

Phillip Williams_2
Respected Contributor

Re: Proliant 8500R - Ram Upgrades

Charles, hope this helps...
ProLiant 1850R
Configuring System Memory
Standard Memory
Memory Matrix
Intel 82440BX AGPset
Registered SDRAM Features
EDO vs. SDRAM 100MHz Memory DIMMs


Standard Memory
The memory configuration is identical between the 6/400 and 6/450 models.
All DIMMs must be ECC SDRAM DIMMs.
1 DIMM per Bank, with four maximum DIMM sockets
Standard RAM Maximum RAM Soldered/Socketed Used Slots Empty Slots Total Slots
64 MB 1 GB Socketed -1 x 64 MB DIMM 1 3 4
128 MB 1 GB Socketed -1 x 128 MB DIMM 1 3 4

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Memory Matrix
Models RAM Type Connector Edge Pins Speed Parity
Pentium II - 400/450MHz Processors EDO SDRAM Gold 168 100ns No
Pentium III - 500/550/600MHz Processors EDO SDRAM Gold 168 100ns No

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Intel 82440BX AGPset
The Intel 82440BX AGPset (Accelerated Graphics Port) is used in the following Compaq servers:
ProLiant 1850R
ProLiant 800 350, 350e, 400, and 450MHz
ProLiant 1600 350/400 MHz
Prosignia 740
The 82440BX chipset includes the 82443BX Host Bridge and the 82371EB PIIX4E for the I/O subsystem and allows internal memory bus speeds of up to 100MHz. For maximum performance, it is necessary to use specially designed memory modules called registered SDRAM DIMMs, Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory. Registered indicates that incoming address and control signals are latched into a register during the leading or rising edge of a single clock cycle. On the leading edge of the next clock cycle, the signals are presented to the SDRAM components. This mode increases latency by one clock cycle, but results in a reduced bus loading (heavily loaded buses) and signal stability (on faster buses).
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Registered SDRAM Features
Registered SDRAM DIMMs have the following features:
Stable operation -- at 100MHz on heavily loaded buses
Programmable mode register -- to define operating parameters (CAS latency, burst length, etc.)
CAS latency -- 3 or 4 in registered mode, or CAS latency of 2 or 3 in buffered mode
Registered mode -- input signals are registered (buffered) on one clock cycle and passed on to the SDRAM components on the next clock cycle
Buffered mode -- input signals are registered and passed to the SDRAM components on the same clock cycle
A phase-lock loop (PLL) -- PLL circuitry resident on the DIMM provides clocking for the register and SDRAM components. The PLL insures that the DIMM clocking is synchronized with the system clock. Using a PLL reduces loading of the system clock, which can occur when using multiple SDRAM components.
SDRAM power-down capability -- is obtained through the use of a single clock enable line to control all clocking on the DIMM
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EDO vs. SDRAM 100MHz Memory DIMMs

The top DIMM in the illustration above is a registered 100MHz SDRAM DIMM. The bottom DIMM is a standard EDO ECC DIMM.

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Sunil Jerath
Honored Contributor

Re: Proliant 8500R - Ram Upgrades

Hello Charles,
We certainly recommend using HP/COMPAQ RAM only. I am not sure how you're installing the upgrades but I am attaching a link for you which give you insight into the PL8500 and all the upgrades:

Please let me know how you make out.