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Proliant ML350 Network Adapter

chuck mcreynolds_1
Occasional Contributor

Proliant ML350 Network Adapter

I'm not IT but I have a concern. Sorry the long note. Please direct if I’m stating this in the wrong area. This server is one year old. I own the company. I hired a new sysadmin. Last night France couldn’t get into our database. Just before the admin left I found out the workers here in Los Angeles couldn’t get network access. I went in during the night to see if I could fix things. Usually a reboot on the server, and term server (we have to ML350s) corrects a login issue. I called in the admin. He eventually solved the problem and showed me how to fix it. Here’s what I wrote from the screen: edit Lan Adapter using 'edit connection' .

He simply changed to the setting to 'all network adapters configured with this protocol' from 'HP NC7761 Gigabyte server adapter. It seems the setting using HP NC7761 Gigabyte server adapter prevented normal WAN access. Changing it to ‘all network adapters’ fixed the problem.

I asked did you change this? As the problem happened after he left work. He said no that it may be the network card, physically, is failing. I don’t know. Thus my writing. I need to trust this fellow. What can I do? Do I run a boot diag over the weekend? (I work alone on the weekend_) Can HP connect real time and check out the adapters? One additional thought. We’ve always used HP NC7761 Gigabyte server adapter setting. I can’t figure out why and what happened. That he could so easily tunnel down to the config setting means he has a remarkable talent and I’m too suspicious. Just a curious timeline of events. I just can't image how this company lost its networking functionality - when it is directly related to the adapter setting. Why I posted is that HP has no direct email contact support. I'm coming into the HP site cold, and have no experience with their communications program.
Thanks for your indulgences.




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Daniel Leblanc
Honored Contributor

Re: Proliant ML350 Network Adapter

Well let check this out,but first few question:
1# What is the ML350 genearation,it should be in front of the server has G2,G3..ect(if it a G1 it will not be mark and white)

2#Whats OS is in the system?Windows 2000,windows 2003(SP1 or SP2).

3#What is the driver version of the NC7761?


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James ~ Happy Dude
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Re: Proliant ML350 Network Adapter

Hello Chuck,
If I have understood what u tried to explain; I would say, this settings will not change ON ITS OWN, OVERNIGHT !!! & if it has... the solution wouldn't have been so easy; "AND" most importantly, this should have repeated itself again... assuming that ur new hire has not implemented any permanent fix to this unknown issue. I have personally never seen this happening.
& I would keep an 'EYE' on him.

;) Regards.

PS: I am not encouraging you to be more suspicious about him, but its good to keep a check on whats going on !!!