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Proliant ML370 + Tape Drive DLT VS40/80


Proliant ML370 + Tape Drive DLT VS40/80

Hi all
With ML370 i buy a DLT VS40/80 and for 1 year everything ok!
last year replaced 1 time the DLT!
This year 3 times!
I ask if ther´s a problem with this tapes!
Firmware is the last V064.
the last one only works for 8 days and 5 backups!
I receive the message that was a bad track on the cartridge !
with 4 diferent cartridges !
the Cartdriges are new !
i pass the cleaning cartridge and we likes to live there! i try everything to take from the drive.Call HP again and swap will be in a few days.
windows 2003 server sp1 !
can someone tell me what is the problem????
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Re: Proliant ML370 + Tape Drive DLT VS40/80

Have you installed Library and tape tools.

What is the result of the diagnostic test?

Have you updated the Rom and SCSI controller?

Anything in the eventlog?
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Re: Proliant ML370 + Tape Drive DLT VS40/80

thanks for your replay
yes i have installed and i can´t do it because cleaning cartridge is there and can´t read or write.

i will install the new psp with the new drive when it comes.
the event log of windows say that is a bad block on the cartridge.
since have a problem with backup, support tell me to update firmware of DLT to v064.after that the problem is worst.( The new drive come with V064 to).

must update rom and driver for scsi mainboard?
if i must why they don´t tell me that?
i ask and the answer is if i wont, no need to do that !????????

well, they are on adesk and not on field!!! Can´t feel the problem and i understand.
one more time thanks for your help