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RH9/FreeBSD Boot options


RH9/FreeBSD Boot options

Hi there, i have successfully installed RH9 on a ML310 Scsi (p2.8) 1.5GB ram. using the "boot prompt" type "linux mem=exactmap mem=640K@0 mem=255M@1M."

But now i cant boot, install went fine, no error, but cannot boot. 0n the screen i see

INIT: version 2.84 booting
Kernel panic: Attempted to kill init!

I dont know what that means of how to cure it. Can anyone offer any suggestions?

Also i really wanted to install FreeBSD,m but fall back to RH9 when it failed. Freebsd fails to even boot into the installer and fails with the following messages - if any one know how to install Freebsd on this machine i would LVOE ot hear the tips..

Freebsd error - then the machine is locked, tight,. hard reboot only.

Re: RH9/FreeBSD Boot options

Additionally - i cannt boot off the smartstart 6.4 CD, it always stops in the same place, 5th row of dots about 1/3 the way accross from the left.

IS it possible this has anything to do with adding more RAM ? The server arrived with 256 mb in stalled and we purchased and added 1.25 for a total of 1536mb
Robert Binkhorst
Trusted Contributor

Re: RH9/FreeBSD Boot options


First off: you might have more luck posting this in the Linux forum.

The kernel is the bit in between your hardware and RedHat. It needs to know about your hardware so it can talk to it, it does this though drivers. First thing I'd check is to make sure all required drivers are there.

One more thing, if this is on of your first times installing Linux you are choosing the difficult path, RH9 is not really supported for this model. Something like AS3.0 would be easier to install.

This link will get you to the driver section for RedHat 8 on ML310 machines. This might get you on the correct track.

What you can try is booting from the "Red Hat Linux 8.0 Bootnet image" and try to run a shell/re-install from there. When (or if) you get a prompt, start installing the drivers from the page mentioned earlier (which might not work 'cause they're meant for RH8).

Good luck!

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