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Raid 5 array not working after disk replacement?

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Raid 5 array not working after disk replacement?

We have a HP StorageWorks server wit ha Smart Array p212. It has 2 SAS array configurations. 

  • Logical drive 1  wich is a RAID 1 configuration 
  • Logical drive 2 wich is a RAID 5 configuration

One of the drives in the raid 5 configuration failed last week an was replace with a new drive of the same model while the machine was turned off.

When the machine was up again i started the rebuild action in the HP Array Configuration Utility. 
This was 4 days ago. I now see in the array configuration utility that all the drives are working and no errors remain. 

But i can not access the data it used to contain. 
When i look at the windows drisk management I can see the drive but is in a RAW format. 
I have also rebooted the server and when booting windows it want to run a checkdisk on the drive. I have done this. It took somewere between 1 and 2 days to complete the checkdisk but at the end it stoped checking and froze. 


Could some one please advice me on what to do next. 

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Re: Raid 5 array not working after disk replacement?

Suggest you log a case with HP support teams with the ADU report from the server.

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