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Recover data from a damage smart array

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Sebastian Borcea
Occasional Contributor

Recover data from a damage smart array

I have a Proliant 2000 and my smart drive array controller dosen`t work any more.
How do I recover data? I try with the first hard drive to put it in another SCSI controller, but the information is unreadeble. Does anybody know how to solve the problem?
Honored Contributor

Re: Recover data from a damage smart array

Hi Sebastian,

You won't be able to get your data off using a standard SCSI controller although I know there are tools which can possibly do this on members of a mirror sets.

Your data should be safe even though the controller is faulty but you will need the same type of Smart Array controller or newer to get your data back again. For example if your original controller was a Smart 2P or 2DH then a Smart Array 2P,2DH, 3200, 2SL etc. can pick up the data from it.

If you know someone with an older Compaq system willing to loan you a controller until you can backup the data to tape for example then it's probably your best hope of recovery.

Replacement might be expensive but that would have to be weighed against the value of the data on your disks.

I hope this helps.

Honored Contributor

Re: Recover data from a damage smart array

go to eBay and search for all the models. You should be able to find an old one pretty cheap
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