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Reset ILO Password from OS

Pascal Rebsamen
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Reset ILO Password from OS


i've a DL360 running with unknown ILO Password and i can't reboot the server.

is it possible to change the ILO Password through the OS ?
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Re: Reset ILO Password from OS

Yes, if you have a recent version of the PSP you are in luck.

The 'hponcfg' command interacts with the iLO and can set passwords. It accepts an XML file or command-line arguments.

This command is in the 'HP Lights-Out Online Configuration Utility' package.

Daniel Leblanc
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Re: Reset ILO Password from OS

Try this web page

And the other way is not what you want maybe but still i will put it up anyway.

To reset the iLO, there is an iLO Security Override Switch inside the server. Check the hood of the server to locate it and disconnect all power before doing the reset.
This allows you to logon to the iLO without any user/password login. Then you can configure your built-in users again
Daniel Leblanc
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Re: Reset ILO Password from OS

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Re: Reset ILO Password from OS

or take a look of this attachment

reset ilo from OS

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Re: Reset ILO Password from OS

If the server is running WIndows OS, then we can use HP Lights-Out Online Configuration Utility (HPONCFG.exe utility) for Windows. This is a simple GUI and we can easily reset the password. This utility does not ask for any password when you launch it. Moreover, when you reset the iLO password, HPONCFG will not ask for the previous password.


If we use this method, then we do not have to turn OFF the server and use the System Maintenance switch (iLO Security Override Switch) available on the Server system board.


For more information, may be the link provided below will be worth to look,


How to reset iLO Administrator password of HP Server




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