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Resetting HP system management password

Mal Osbonre
Occasional Contributor

Resetting HP system management password

Have taken over looking after an ML-350. Unfortunatly no one seems to know the password associated with the "Administrator" account in HP System Management. The system is running W2K3, I have full administrative access to the domain.

Anyone know how I can reset this? HP have told me to boot from the SmartStart CD, or reformat & reinstall the server!
Igor Karasik
Honored Contributor

Re: Resetting HP system management password

Which Proliant support pack you use ?
System Management Homepage 2.x included in PSP 7.20 version removes the accounts (administrator, operator, user) that were built into prior versions of the System Management Homepage. With version 2.0, authentication uses operating system accounts and passwords to validate interactive users who are logging in to the System Management Homepage.
If you use version <= 7.10 I suggest you upgrade to last Proliant support pack version (7.40) which include updated system management homepage
If you use version <= 7.10 and don't want to upgrade to new versions:
you can reinstall agents and change password. Or if you have server where you know agent password:
Copy the CPQHMMD.ACL file (usually in c:\compaq\wbem) from a server you know the agent password to the server where you don't know the password. Restart the web agent, the password will be changed to the same as the server from which you copied the file.

Regards, Igor