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Simple OS install DL320e G8 v2

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Simple OS install DL320e G8 v2


I bought a HP DL320e Gen8 v2 for our office because I wanted a low cost 1 rack server to just store company files on - and replace a 5 year old PC that was doing this.  Running basic Windows 7 professional, a couple SSD drives.


I received the machine and see it is a real sever with lots of things to be configured.  Is there some simple way to just install an OS form an external USB DVD drive?  Will it even work this way, I see it only supports server software OSs


Also, any reason I can't use any SSD drives?


I am not an IT professional, only an engineer in a small company - with coding experience, so hopefully enough experience to get this running.


Perhaps this is the wrong machine for what I need - it just happened tobe the cheapest 1u CPU I could find.




Jimmy Vance

Re: Simple OS install DL320e G8 v2

Windows 7 isn't a supported OS for this system. That being said, it should work. You will need to use the drivers for Server 2008 to get the NIC functional. If you leave the system in SATA AHCI mode you won't need a driver for the disk controller. If you enable the B120i Dynamic Smart Array, you will need the hpvsa driver.


You should be able to install from a USB DVD, make sure you are plugging into a USB2.0 port. I think the 3.0 ports require a driver and won't work until the OS loads



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Re: Simple OS install DL320e G8 v2



First, Choose the operating system which you want to install. As Jimmy mentioned Win7 is not supported OS.


Following URLs might help you in choosing OS: 


HP Servers Support & Certification Matrices:


As you are new to servers refer HP ProLiant DL320e Gen8 v2 Server User Guide


Refer page number  29 for "Installing the operating system".... 



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